From Fish Cake Udon Soup to K-pop fever

Udon is Japanese food. However, Koreans also like to eat Udon. Recently there is a new Korean grocery store opened in Downtown Toronto. After finished school, I walked by and bought some Korean food. Among them, there are two important ingredients for today’s recipe: dried seaweed(昆布) and dried anchovy. This recipe is so simple and… Continue reading From Fish Cake Udon Soup to K-pop fever

Din Sum Shaomai Shanghai breakfast

Shanghai Shaomai I am from Shanghai. After I came to Canada, I went to many Shanghai restaurants in Toronto and  tried to get Shaomai like I had in Shanghai. However, most of time they didn’t sell Shaomai. Probably some people would think of Shaomai, that was made of pork. It is Cantonese Shaomai. Actually in… Continue reading Din Sum Shaomai Shanghai breakfast